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PolyPack Machine - At Lonsdale Packaging we rely on the bundling capabilities putforth by PolyPack's ClearPrint machine, pumping out up to 60 single lane wraps per minute. Inside the Warehouse | Take your business to the next level by outsourcing your product inventory. At Lonsdale Packaging we offer steadfast warehousing procedures. Aerial Photo of Lonsdale Packaging | We opearate out of two buildings totaling 75,000 square feet and 20,000 square feet production area. Automated Machine | Utilizing automated assembly lines and a driven workforce we offer dynamic logistic solutions to meet the demands of your company and to assist in further developing your supply chains. ThermoPoint Steam Heat Shrink Tunnel - Our steam heat tunnel will ensure a quality shrink process for lables and tamper evident bands even on challenging shaped packaging... it gives you high quality shrinks on a wide variety of container shapes and sizes.


Detailed and effective Packaging is a truly required, yet overlooked, element in successful supply chain management. At Lonsdale Packaging our corporation is and was built on the service of distribution packaging; that, accompanied by a hard-working and focused workforce make us a sought after packaging company within the logistics industry. We do not outsource our packaging services, like everything we do - packaging, warehousing, etc. – your projects are packaged right in our Lonsdale production facility.


Through advanced technology, maintaining a trained and experienced staff and providing quick turnaround, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality packaging support without sacrificing product integrity. Our current packaging services include:




We go beyond simple packaging and offer a service truly sought after - assembly. Utilizing the latest in materials and skilled personnel we are able to meet a wide range of requirements. Lonsdale Packaging is able to offer product assembly, retail based POP display assemble and hand labor when needed. Our Blister packing machine provides a package that both looks good and functions well.


Shrink-Wrapping, Polly Bagging & Bundling

As a full-service packaging and logistics company we maintain numerous high-speed shrink-wrap machines, both automatic and manual, with heat tunnels. Our staff is trained to safely operate these machines to maintain the integrity of your project, uphold the machine and out-put product in a time definite manner. We also have a bundle machine that will bundle your product with or without registered/printed film for you club packs.


Since our founding in 1998, we've become a thriving force in the logistics industry, meeting the supply chain needs for packaging and warehousing of small to large sized businesses all across the nation. Contact us for competitive pricing and to find out how our packaging and other services can help the growth of your company.